Ketron SD3


Ketron-modulien klassikko: suunniteltu harmonikalla ohjattavaksi.
Ketron SD-3 Arranger Module – 290 sounds, 110 user voices, 202 styles, 4 variations per thomann style, 120 programs, large backlit display, 2Mb internal pattern flash memory, 198 registration memories, real time recording to floppy disk or hard disk, accordion mode, transposer, 60 internal DSP effects, MIDIfile player, lyrics display, microphone jack input, line out L/R jacks, sustain thomann pedal jack, volume pedal jack, MIDI In/Out/Thru, headphone jack. Dimensions: 56x39x13cm; weight: 7kg. Optional video interface, vocalist, hard disk and pattern memory expansion. Ideal for easy connection to the Ketron Midijay.

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